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Leveraging technology and manufacturing expertise from the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) industry, the aQdrop platform enables micro-scale droplets to be electronically manipulated on a “lab-on-a-chip” device no larger than a credit card.


Compared to traditional pipetting techniques the aQdrop platform delivers unprecedented levels of control, accuracy and flexibility across a wide range of workflows.

How we’re different

Our unique “lab-on-a-chip” solution is built with an integrated feedback system
that establishes a new gold standard in microfluidics.


Workflow automation with minimal hands-on time.


Guaranteed quality
and accuracy.


A broad menu of protocols,
on one chip.

Thin-Film Transistors

The aQdrop glass chip contains embedded thin-film-transistors (TFTs). The TFTs are used in microelectronic circuits to control droplet movement using the phenomenon of Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD).

Our ‘active matrix’ array of circuit elements enables multiple droplets to be manipulated simultaneously and independently, while sensors within each element detect the presence of droplets to facilitate complete closed-loop control.

Droplet Control

Any pathway

Fast droplet movement

Precision splitting

Precision dispensing

Broad range of droplet volumes


Fast and effective mixing

Magnetic capability

Temperature control




EWOD is a liquid handling technique whereby the hydrophobicity of a surface can be manipulated by applying an electric field.


This localised polarisation on the glass chip dynamically modulates surface properties to control the tension gradient between the droplet and the surface to propel the droplet.

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