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The analysis of nucleotide sequences gives clarity into the structure and function of genes. Workflow steps for studying DNA and RNA, including amplification and target-enrichment, can be carried out within a single droplet on aQdrop. Our easy-to-use platform guarantees accuracy and reliability in workflows from library preparation to quantification to sequencing.

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The study of the proteome provides insight into the structure and function of biological systems. With the capability to perform steps such as separation, digestion and labelling, each droplet on the aQdrop platform provides a discrete vessel for studying proteins. The technology’s precision and consistency in liquid handling can be used for workflows from protein sample preparation to profiling.

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The study of cellular function is essential to our understanding of biological cell processes, such as kinetics and signalling. The aQdrop platform is a unique device on which cells can be isolated, sorted, manipulated and analysed. This comprehensive range of capabilities, is revolutionising the practice of biomarker and drug discovery and enabling advanced cell therapy research.

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Synthetic Biology

The combination of engineering and biology is driving advances in medical research. The powerful droplet handling features and inbuilt quality control of the aQdrop platform enables scientists to build artificial molecules and apply them to living cells. Applications of this technology range from synthesis of nucleic acids and peptides to CRISPR and gene-editing.

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